santa cruz hope

Many people are interested in and learning more about the life and message of Jesus, even though they may be turned off to church and a religion. At the same time most haven’t really checked it out and rely on second hand information. We all have preconceived ideas and thoughts, because of our upbringing or religious background. The goal of our conversation in these next few weeks is to begin a journey of putting those aside to see Jesus for who is truly is. We’ll be looking at some significant moments and interactions. Let’s invite our friends, family and coworkers to bring their questions, doubts, and fears to seek Jesus with us. Let’s try to remove the barriers of religiosity and human tradition to give those who would never walk into the doors of a church a chance find and follow Jesus. 

Epic Launch!!!

As I reflect on Sunday's launch, I can't help but give thanks to God for going beyond what we could have imagined or asked for! Being a part of the birth of a new church was a sacred and somewhat euphoric experience for many of us. So many people came together to help. So many things we're donated to provide everything we needed. It was insane! 

God's moving here in Santa Cruz! At our first official service we packed out the little gym at Del Mar Elementary School. Over 250 pancakes were served. We filled up all of the 150 chairs and had people standing in the back. In addition we had a wonderful team leading the 12 kids and putting on a fun Easter egg hunt. About 10 people made decisions to follow Christ for the first time! The band rocked it with songs from U2 and Mumford and Sons in addition to some powerful worship songs! Too many stories to share. It's way bigger than us and it clearly was God that brought people together. He's provided everything we need to make room for people that would never have walked into the doors of an existing Church to find and follow Christ! 

We feel so blessed to be a part of this! 

Much love and many blessings!

Danny and Jenny

You might have found one of these on your door. If so, it's just our way of letting you know that someone cares and is praying for you. We realize that there are people in our neighborhood that are interested in spiritual things and open to learning more about Christ. Everyone's invited to join us for our first official service at Del Mar Elementary School on Sunday, April 24th at 11am! 



Church that's just a building and religion that's nothing more than a list of things you can't do... No way.

Jesus Christ was known for His world changing message of love that He demonstrated with power. The most well documented event in ancient history is the day that Jesus Christ came back from the dead. Following Him was and is never boring. It's an adventure of finding our purpose in the greatest plan of all time. 

Are you interested in finding hope and exploring the message of Christ, but a little nervous about joining a church? Relax, be yourself and feel free to check us out.

We're a new church with chill style, real faith and no perfect people allowed!

...A church for the rest of us!