new message series

Moving forward...

Starting this week at Santa Cruz Hope, dive into the journey of a lifetime to find and follow Christ. God loves and accepts us as-is. From there, He transforms us into the people that we're intended to be. Join us as we discover how to move forward in a relationship with a person we cannot see. It's not just some spiritual checklist that makes you feel guilty for not doing enough or trying harder. Come find out how you and I can become more like the most magnetic, powerful and loving person to ever walk the face of the earth.

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Many people are interested in and learning more about the life and message of Jesus, even though they may be turned off to church and a religion. At the same time most haven’t really checked it out and rely on second hand information. We all have preconceived ideas and thoughts, because of our upbringing or religious background. The goal of our conversation in these next few weeks is to begin a journey of putting those aside to see Jesus for who is truly is. We’ll be looking at some significant moments and interactions. Let’s invite our friends, family and coworkers to bring their questions, doubts, and fears to seek Jesus with us. Let’s try to remove the barriers of religiosity and human tradition to give those who would never walk into the doors of a church a chance find and follow Jesus.