Important Announcement

Fall is here and we have so many exciting things happening at Santa Cruz Hope! Sunday, September 16th is our Fall Launch Party! Just like the launch team that started in our house last year, we want to bring everyone into the story of hope. Join us for free bacon-covered Pleasure Pizza and root beer floats as we tell the story and invite others to join the team! 

Secondly, House Groups launch the following week. Starting September 23rd we'll start all new groups at different locations/times for up to 100 people! Take the next step and join the party! 

Next, we were hoping to start Skate Church this week, but we need to push it back to Wednesday September 26th! Santa Cruz Skate and Surf is now the Grind Out Hunger University. Through sick skate ramps and more we'll provide a positive and fun place for youth on the East Side.  Proceeds will help feed kids in our community!  The nights will change as well. Skate Church will now be moving back to one night with separate times for different age groups.  1st through 5th graders will be able to have pizza and skate from 5-6:30pm while the teens wil run from 7-8:30!  So come, bring your kids and all the local groms to get stoked on Skate Church Wednesday, September 26th!

Also, we always want to be helping and giving back to the community. Something that has always been on our hearts is pancakes, so on Saturday, September 29th we will be serve  our first ever "Pancakes on the Point"!  No Hook attached... From 8-10am we will serve pancakes to everyone at the point! For Free! And we'd love for lots of people to help with that as well!

Lastly, we hope you'll drop in this Sunday as we conclude "The Sunday Affect" series and receive a special offering to give gifts to the teachers of Del Mar Elementary! Let's launch into this new season together with Hope!