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Life is not meant to be lived alone. You were created to experience life with God and other people. That’s why we at Santa Cruz Hope encourage you to join a Hangout!  A Hangout is a small group of people who gather weekly, every other week, or monthly to hang out, study God's Word, pray, and do fun activities together.  No matter where you are in life, there’s a Hangout for you! Here's a list of ones to choose from:




Brian & Sue Sussman 

Sundays during 9:00 AM service

Hope Building


 A hangout for Seekers (those who are curious about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity), Starters (those who have just begun a relationship with Jesus Christ) and Returners (those who’ve had a connection with God in the past, but have been away for a while) 


Steve Stiles  

Sundays, 6:00 - 6:45 PM

New Life - 707 Fair Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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We all have hangups, but sometimes those hangups become addictions. You’re not alone and God wants to help you recover. Whether it’s drugs and/or alcohol, sexual, food related, relationships, or something else, you can be healed and you can be free. Come join us on the journey.

Paying it Forward

Bruce Jones 

Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:00 PM (will start in April)

Location TBD



This Hangout is all about experiencing your next growth steps in Jesus, then brainstorming and discussing how we can “pay it forward” by helping others grow as well in an authentic, natural way. Expect some fun and food mixed in with some great Bible stuff.

Financial Peace

Mark & Giselle Peoples 

Thursday evenings, 6:30 - 8:00 PM (1st class starts March 16th)
*8 week commitment - childcare provided for a recommended $5 donation per child. There is also a cost to the class.

Hope Building


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You CAN take control of your money! When it comes to managing your money, this class will teach you how to:

Become Debt Free - Pay off your credit cards, car loans, mortgage, and student loans.
Prepare for the Future - Save for financial emergencies and confidently plan for retirement.
Get on a Plan - Create a budget that actually works for you (and your spouse if applicable).

Next Gen 


Middle School

Jackie Gollbach & Mark Martinez

Sundays during 10:30 AM service (after worship) 

Hope Building




Great opportunity for 6th-8th graders to get to know each other and discuss the Sunday message with peers during Hope's 10:30 AM service.

High School

Stephen Uhey & Joanna Gil

Sundays during 10:30 AM service (after worship)

Hope Building



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Great opportunity for 9th-12th graders to get to know each other and discuss the Sunday message with peers during our 10:30 AM service.

Middle School Girls

Jackie Gollbach

Every other Thursday, 5:30 PM 

Hope Building



book club.png

A group for middle school girls to connect with each other and take part in various activities that will empower young women (building, baking, art, volunteering, etc.). We are also reading through and discussing the book “Love Does” by Bob Goff.

Middle School Boys

Mark Martinez

Every other Thursday, 5:30 PM 

Hope Building


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A group for middle school boys to hang out together, talk, and learn how to follow Jesus. Throughout the month we will do different fun activities and even join up with the middle school girls hangout to do some rad little adventures.

High School Girls

Joanna Gil

Monthly, Friday Evening

Meeting place will vary


This group for high school girls is super flexible when deciding activities and a great way to connect with God and other girls. Some hangouts can include going out to the movies, getting creative with art/music, or going out for food and having a good time!

High School Boys

Stephen Uhey

Every other Wednesday, 6:00 PM

Hope Building


hangout leader pics stephen face.png

If you are a high school dude, come kick it with us. We’re on a journey together learning how to love God and people. We have a lot fun hanging so we hope you’ll join us!

Skate Church

Jackie Gollbach

Monday Evenings, 5:30 (1st - 5th Grade) & 7:00 PM (6th - 12th Grade)

Hope Building


A time for kids to come skate indoors, have pizza, hang with friends, and hear a brief message based from the Bible. (Helmet and waiver required to skate.)

Open Skate

Jackie Gollbach

Wednesdays, 2:30 - 4:30 PM

Hope Building


We’re offering a cool place for middle and high school students to hang after school. Come skate our indoor ramps, work on homework, or just chill out with friends on our new bean bag chairs!

Young Adults

Joe Gruber 

Sundays, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Hope Building


We are a community of young adults (18-30) who are on a journey together, building community and friendships as we learn to be loved by God, and love God and people as a result. Come and join us!



Anyone / Everyone 

Peter Rich 

Every other Thursday, 7:00 PM 

Scotts Valley


hangout leader pics - Peter.png

Regardless of your age, marital status, kids, no kids, and no matter where you are at on your faith journey, we’d love to have you join us as we dive deeper into the Sunday morning Bible teaching. It’s a time to develop friendships and support one another. Snacks are a bonus and occasionally we have a potluck. Hope you’ll join us!

Young Couples

Ben & Hawley Davis

Monthly, Thursday night

Location Varies



Are you a young couple or married couple looking to connect with other couples at Hope? If so, you should visit our Hangout. Whether it’s bowling, seeing a movie, or getting some dinner together, our Hangout hopes to connect couples from the church as we learn more and more what the Lord has planned for all of us!

Young Families 

Brian & Stacey Carroll

Monthly, 1st Friday, 6:00 - 7:30 PM

Hope Building



Start your weekend with friends, food and fellowship. Child care will be available. 


Parenting - Special Needs Children

Felicity Rosencranz

Day & Time TBD

Location TBD




A Hangout for parents of special needs children to provide spiritual and practical resource support open to addressing a range of issues that come up with parenting and raising a special needs child.



Mommy & Me

Grace Gooch & Jenny Bennett

Mondays, 9:30 AM

Location Varies

Grace: 831-247-5390

Come hang out with other moms! A time for fresh air for our little ones (newborn to preschool) while we find friendship and community!

Message Discussion

Tracy Erickson

Every other Sunday, 5:30 - 7:00 PM

Bree Bode’s House



A time to check in, be encouraged, and pray for one another as well as discuss Sunday’s message in more detail. “You use steel ton sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 MSG


Kirsten Seaberry

Every 2nd & 4th Thursday, 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Hope Building



hangout leader pics Kirsten Seaberry.png

Come and pray with women of Hope! We will meet twice a month to pray for God's blessings, guidance, and protection over Hope church. We can make a big difference by joining together in prayer!

Prayer & Bible Study

Lauryl Hiscox

Monthly, 4th Saturday, 9:00 - 11:00 AM

Hope Building


hangout leader pics Lauryl Hiscox.png

We will meet to share a bit of our personal journeys with Jesus and lift each other up in prayer.



Message Discussion  

Adam Burke

Every other Wednesday, 6:00 PM

IHOP (41st & Capitola Rd.)



Be encouraged and make some new friends as we eat together and grow in our relationship with God. We’ll be discussing the Sunday morning teaching messages and supporting each other through prayer.

Message Discussion

Brian Sussman 

Every 2nd & 4th Saturday, 8:00 - 9:00 AM 

Hope Building


Designed for guys who want to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Great conversation, illuminating Bible study, plus coffee and donuts!

Special Interest


Holy Yoga

Lachelle Dillon

Saturdays, 10:30 AM

Hope Building



Holy Yoga is the intentional practice of connecting our entire being, body, mind and spirit with God.

Jam Session (Music) 

Jake Vernon 

Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 PM 

Hope Building


hangout leader pics - generic.png

Whether you play an instrument, sing, or do both - come jam with us! It’s a lot of fun making music together.


Pat Early

Days, times, & locations will vary


Since the waves always vary, so do the times we get together and surf. But when we do, it’s a lot of fun! We usually try to surf and then grab a cup of coffee or some food after. If you like surfing, come join us!

Adult Skate

Joe Gruber 

Wednesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Hope building


hangout leader pics - Joe.png

At Hope we have a lot of opportunities for kids and teens to skateboard. And we love that! But we also recognize that there a ton of 18+ skaters in Santa Cruz County and not many places to do it at night, and especially when it’s cold and wet. Until now!


Henry Crawford

Julie Keller’s House


hangout leader pics henry cooking.png

Do you enjoy cooking and learning how to make new dishes? Then come join us! Each week you'll learn a new skill, cook a new dish, and eat what you've cooked. Please note there will be a small cost and a list of required equipment.

Did you see a hangout that you're interested in? Maybe two? or ten? Click the button below and we will get you in touch with the leaders so you find out more.